Icarus 860 - White

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Introducing the Icarus 860, a modern and eco-friendly home cooking appliance designed for your convenience.

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Introducing the Icarus 860, a modern and eco-friendly home cooking appliance designed for your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient with a Green Footprint pedigree. It is Energy Efficient for its high heat output, other commercial ovens with similar abilities require 3Phase power which isn’t regularly available in normal residential homes around the world.
  • Mimics Woodfired Oven temperatures at the touch of a button.
  • Versatile: Can be used indoors or outdoors, unlike gas ovens.
  • Easily reaches temperatures over 500 °C with precise control
  • Handmade with High Quality materials, in Western Australia.
  • Stone Floor of oven made out of Commercial Rated, Custom poured, High Heat Refractory Hearth, rated to 1260 °C.
  • Multi use, Grill, Bake, Slow roast, cook perfect pizzas, and fry all at a touch of a button.
  • Power requirements: 1 Phase 10Amp 240Vac 50Hz (common household plug)
  • Commercial-grade quality used in restaurants and hotels worldwide.
  • Spacious cook-zone, cook 2 Neapolitan-Style pizzas simultaneously in under 3 minutes
  • Self-cleaning at Pyrolytic Temperatures.
  • Weight of Oven; 100kg (heavy Duty made out of the best and highest quality of materials)
  • Optional accessories to purchase during Oven purchase or after Oven Purchase, like the Icarus Trolley and Grill Package set.
  • Easy installation with a reinforced export-quality crate included.
  • Must be placed upon a stable and suitable benchtop with stand the weight of oven or an Icarus Trolley accessory can be purchase to be able to make the unit mobile.
  • No Gas or Wood required.-Simply plug in and start cooking.
  • The Icarus 860 Power requirement ; 1 x 1Phase 10Amp 240Vac 50Hz dedicated Circuit, being a normal household domestic 10Amp plug.

For more details and safety information, please refer to the installation and warning guide.

Made to order.

4 Weeks fabrication.

Timeline from purchase order.

What’s in the Crate

Icarus 860 Electric Oven, Manual & Warning Guide,
Operation Instructions, Icarus Oven Door.

Shipping/Return Information
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  • Free shipping for Perth Metro Areas
  • Original Packaging/Crate needed for returns
  • We don’t ship to PO Boxes
  • Please note delivery of the Icarus 860 PRO Oven is made on a crated pallet and curbside delivery, which means this is delivered to the nearest hard-standing ground of your property
  • Upon un-packing the unit please take note of the weight of the unit stated in description of product and manual
  • For Worldwide shipping please contact us
Warranty Information

5 Year warranty on external parts of Icarus Oven

12 Months Warranty on Icarus Electric Element

Unleash Culinary Excellence

Experience culinary mastery with the Icarus 860

This eco-friendly cooking appliance boasts incredible features, including the ability to mimic woodfired oven temperatures at the touch of a button. Achieving precise temperatures exceeding 500°C, it's your gateway to perfect pizzas, grilled delights, and more. Handcrafted with care in Western Australia, this oven's commercial-grade quality makes it a favorite worldwide. Elevate your home cooking to a professional level with the Icarus 860.

Versatility Redefined

Your versatile kitchen companion

Whether indoors or outdoors, it adapts effortlessly to your cooking space. This powerhouse requires only a common household plug, eliminating the need for gas or wood. Cook two Neapolitan-Style pizzas simultaneously in under 3 minutes or explore its multi-use capabilities—grill, bake, slow roast, and fry with precision. Self-cleaning at pyrolytic temperatures, it's low maintenance too. Elevate your culinary adventures with an Icarus 860 and explore optional accessories for a complete cooking experience.