In 1999 Theo established his family business manufacturing in Perth, Australia. Originally hailing from the UK, Theo and his Greek Cypriot family brought with them a rich culinary heritage, which they infused into their products from day one.

From humble beginnings

Bespoke Commercial Heritage

In Perth, Australia, Theo’s humble backyard project grew into Zesti Ovens, a thriving enterprise. Passionate about food, his family owned business excelled globally in commercial and domestic sectors, especially their electric Commercial Equipment. Renowned hotels and restaurants, like the Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi to the Waldorf Astoria - Bangkok, embrace their products. Even MasterChef Australia featured their wood-fired ovens. Inspired by their Electric Commercial equipment’s success, came Icarus.

A Culinary Revolution

ICARUS was created

The culinary industry has long yearned for innovation, and today it arrives. Zesti Commercial, renowned in the hospitality industry, unveils Icarus: electric cooking equipment for home and the workplace. As regulations tighten for gas and wood-fire cooking worldwide, Icarus emerges as the clear solution. With eco and user friendly heat, Icarus delivers a penetrating heat with minimal power consumption. Brace yourself for the game-changing Icarus 860, a masterpiece of extraordinary versatility. Join the culinary revolution with Icarus by Zesti.

Why Choose the Icarus 860

You’re in control, its Compact and Convenient

Discover the ICARUS 860 - Your Ultimate Cooking Companion. From family feasts to gatherings with friends, this versatile oven fulfils all your cooking desires. Slow-roast, Grill, Bake or Fry, the ICARUS 860 can do it all. Handcrafted from premium materials, this patented masterpiece inherits Zesti Ovens’ esteemed heritage. Elevate your hosting game and entertain effortlessly with this hassle-free multi-use oven—the perfect partner for your entertaining needs.

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