Icarus 860 PRO - Dune

Benchtop Electric, Indoor & Outdoor, Multi use Commercial Grade Oven created by Zesti Ovens.

Introducing the Icarus 860 PRO Benchtop 20Amp, Commercial, high performance, Electric Oven.

Key Features:

  • Designed for heavy-duty commercial applications. Perfect for Restaurants, Hotel Kitchens, and Cafes
  • Powerful 20Amp High Consistent temperatures for professional kitchens
  • Precise temperature control and rapid heating capabilities
  • Trusted and used by Businesses in the culinary industry
  • Ideal for high-volume cooking and fast-paced environments
  • Durable construction built to withstand intensive use
  • Explore optional accessories to enhance your cooking experience
  • Simple installation process for your commercial kitchen, with a reinforced export-quality crate included
  • Stone Floor of oven made out of Commercial Rated, Custom poured, High Heat Refractory Hearth, rated to 1260 °C
  • Multi use, Grill, Bake, Slow roast, cook perfect pizzas, and fry all at a touch of a button
  • Self-cleaning at Pyrolytic Temperatures
  • Must be placed upon a stable and suitable benchtop with stand the weight of oven or an Icarus Trolley accessory can be purchased to be able to make the unit mobile
  • No Gas or Wood required
  • The Icarus 860 PRO requires; 1Phase 20Amp 240Vac 50Hz , being a dedicated 20Amp Circuit to a Commercial Wall mounted Isolation Switch that will except 4C Industrial Straight Plug 250V, 3 Round Pin, 20Amp.

For more details and safety information, please refer to the installation and warning guide.

What’s in the Crate

Icarus 860 PRO Electric Oven, Manual & Warning
Guide, Operation Instructions, Icarus Oven Door.

Shipping/Return Information
  • Australia wide shipping Estimated at Checkout. 
  • Free shipping for Perth Metro Areas
  • Original Packaging/Crate needed for returns.
  • We don’t ship to PO Boxes
  • Please note delivery of the Icarus 860 PRO Oven is made on a crated pallet and curbside delivery, which means this is delivered to the nearest hard-standing ground of your property. 
  • Upon un-packing the unit please take note of the weight of the unit stated in description of product and manual.
  • For Worldwide shipping please contact us.
Warranty Information

5 Year warranty on external parts of Icarus Oven

12 Months Warranty on Icarus Electric Element

Elevate Your Commercial Kitchen

Unmatched Performance for Culinary Pros

Elevate your commercial kitchen to unprecedented heights with the Icarus 860 PRO Benchtop 20Amp, designed for heavy-duty culinary endeavors. Perfectly suited for restaurants, hotel kitchens, and cafes, this high-performance electric oven delivers consistent, precise temperatures ideal for professional settings. Trusted and used by businesses in the culinary industry, it excels in high-volume cooking and fast-paced environments. Crafted with durability in mind, it's built to withstand intensive use, making it the trusted choice for professionals. Explore optional accessories to enhance your cooking experience and streamline your operations with ease.

Efficiency Meets Reliability

Precision and Power in Every Dish

The Icarus 860 PRO Benchtop 20Amp is your go-to solution for commercial kitchens demanding efficiency and reliability. With powerful 20Amp capabilities, it delivers high-consistency temperatures rapidly, ensuring your culinary creations meet the highest standards. Its precise temperature control empowers chefs with unmatched flexibility. This oven's stone floor, constructed from a Commercial Rated, Custom-poured High Heat Refractory Hearth, is rated to a remarkable 1260°C. From grilling and baking to slow roasting, pizza perfection, and frying, it handles it all with ease. Plus, it's self-cleaning at pyrolytic temperatures, minimizing maintenance hassles. Make it a seamless addition to your kitchen with a simple installation process and optional Icarus Trolley accessory. No gas or wood required—just pure cooking prowess.