This recipe has been created for the Icarus 860 Oven, using the Icarus Accessories – Trolley Accessory and Icarus Grill Package.

27 minutes

Serves 5


5 Rib-eye Steaks at 600grams, with Fat Trimmed along the bone

Course Rock Salt, for seasoning

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Black Pepper, to season with at end of cooking process


Step 1

Preheat your Icarus 860 Oven until the oven floor reaches 380°C. You can check this temperature using the Icarus Temperature Gun. Line the top drawer of the Icarus Trolley Accessory with foil to catch the cooking oils and drippings.

Step 2

Allow the steaks to sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours, then season them by rubbing them heavily with salt to form a nice crust when cooking.

Step 3

Place the Icarus Charcoal Tray into the oven with 4 rows of normal charcoal briquettes. Position the Charcoal Tray on the first tier of guide rails closest to the oven's hearth. Attach the door to your Icarus Oven and set it to the highest heat by turning the elements dial all the way to 100%. Allow 10-15 minutes for the Electric Element to ignite the charcoal briquettes, turning them completely white, indicating that they are ready for cooking.

Step 4

At this stage, brush the Icarus Grill with olive oil and slide it into the top-tier rail guides of the oven, closest to the heating element. Allow 5-10 minutes for the Grill Bars to preheat and season.

Step 5

Once the Grill Bars are seasoned, place the Rib-eye Steaks onto the Grill at a 45-degree angle. Slide the Grill back into the Oven, ensuring that the Rib-eyes are positioned over the Charcoal Briquettes below. Then, reattach the Icarus Door and turn off the Electric Element.

Step 6

Grill the Steaks in this position for 3-4 minutes. Then, pull the Grill out and rotate the Steaks at another 45-degree angle, opposite to the first position. Repeat the process with the Icarus Door closed. Once you have achieved great "cross-hatching" grill marks on the first side of the Steak, it's time to turn the Steaks over and repeat the entire process. This time, turn the Icarus Electric Element back on at about 80%, and give each iteration, where you angle your Steaks at a 45-degree angle, 3-4 minutes to cook.

Step 7

After the last 45-degree cooking process, remove the steaks and let them rest in a tray with a loosely-covered foil. Allow them to rest for 45 minutes, and then the steak will be ready to serve and carve.

Step 8

Serve the steak with a hand-cut Chimichurri and gently warm it through in the oven to allow those herby flavours to develop. Serve over the Rib-eyes and enjoy!