This recipe has been created for the Icarus 860 Oven, using the Icarus Accessories – Pizza Satchel & Temperature Gun

15 Minutes

1 Pizza Serves 2 People


1 x Zesti Neapolitan Style Pizza Dough 280g

San Marzano Tomatoes for Pizza Sauce

Fresh Mozzarella/Fior Di Latte

Hot Sopressa Salami Sliced


Parmigiano Regiano

Fresh Basil

Olive Oil


Step 1

Pre-heat your Icarus 860 to 380.C-400.C . Let your Pizza Dough proof while waiting for your oven to fully be heat saturated.

Step 2

Stretch your Pizza dough out onto the Pizza Paddle. Start with topping it with a generous even spread of your tomatoes, then sprinkle over your parmigiano, then top it with the sopresssa, breakdown and spread out the mozzarella, drizzle a good heaping of olive oil all over, then finally drizzle honey all over the pizza.

Step 3

Bake in the Icarus 860 until you get the leopard puffs around the crust and all toppings are melted.

Step 4

once cooked, please on a serving board and pop some fresh basil on-top of the pizza. Let the pizza cool for a minute or two before cutting up.