This recipe has been created for the Icarus 860 Oven, using the Icarus Accessories – Trolley Accessory and Icarus Grill Package.

20 minutes

4 People (2 small Crayfish per Person)


8 WA Lobster Tails (Or any Lobster or Crayfish)

1 Cup of Melted Butter

2 Garlic Cloves

1 Small Handful of Finely Chopped Fresh Parsley

1 Red Chill, Finely Chopped

3 Rows Of Heat Beads or Charcoal in the Icarus Charcoal Tray ( To be lit by Icarus Cooking Element from above. )


Step 1

Place Charcoal Or Heat Beads in the Icarus Charcoal Tray and slide into the Icarus 860 Tray rails inside the oven. Let the Icarus Cooking Element light the Charcoal, by turning the Icarus 860 on High (100% power), until the charcoal turns white.

Step 2

While Charcoal is heating, clean your lobsters, and cut the shell down the centre to "butter-fly" them, on the top-side. Once Charcoal is white, slide in the Grilling tray to get nice and hot before grilling.

Step 3

Melt your cup of butter, and while its still warm add your minced garlic, chopped chilli and chopped parsley, so that it infuses the butter and gets those flavours going!

Step 4

Once your Icarus 860 Oven is ready for cooking (charcoal is white and grilling tray has pre-heated), layout out your lobsters onto a tray, and drench in the butter mixture.

Step 5

Place all lobster on to the Icarus Grill by sliding it 3/4 out of the Oven, and place the lobsters flesh side up. Slide the grill back in and let the lobsters cook until they change colour from the bottom up (about half way).

Step 6

Once the lobsters have started to change colour from the bottom up, slide the grill 3/4 out of the oven again, and flip all lobsters so that the flesh is down and facing the charcoal.

Step 7

Give the Lobsters 2-3 minutes, cooking and facing the charcoal, so that they get some nice char marks and they full change to an orange colour. Their flavour enhances.

Step 8

Once cooked, serve the lobster on a platter, with some fresh lemon slices, and dig in ! Freshly off the grill is the best way to eat these!

Step 9

Slide out the Icarus Grill, turn off the oven, and let the Charcoal loose its heat in the oven still on its tray, by leave the Ovens door on. Come back in a couple of hours and tip the leftover (distinguished) Charcoal into a steel bin. Clean the Charcoal Tray and Grill with Soap, hot water and a sponge/scourer.