This recipe has been created for the Icarus 860 Oven, using the Icarus Accessories - Icarus Pizza Satchel & Temperature Gun.

15 Minutes

1 Calzone Recommended to share between 2 People


1 x Zesti Pizza Dough (280g)
1 x Very Ripe Banana

1 Cup of Chocolate Truffles

1/2 Cup of Icing Sugar

1 /2 Cup of melted Salted Butter

1/2 Cup of cubed Salted Butter


Step 1

Pre-heat your Icarus 860 Oven to the floor temperature of 380.C for cooking the Calzone.

Once your Oven is pre-heated, its time to make the Sweet Calzone.

Step 2

Roll your already proofed Pizza Dough out to a nice circle, about 30cm in diameter. Slice your banana in small bite size pieces and place on half of the pizza, then scatter your chocolate truffles around the banana.

Step 3

Next scatter that cubed butter with the Choc Truffles and sliced banana. Fold the pizza into a Clazone shape and pinch to seal.

Step 4

Put the Calzone onto your pizza peel, and brush it with the melted butter. Then dust half of the Icing Sugar onto the Calzone and then cook the calzone in the centre of your Icarus Oven until golden and puffed.

Step 5

Once the Calzone has cooked, take it out onto a nice serving board, and dust the remainder on the icing sugar onto the Calzone and serve with some vanilla ice-cream and your choice of fresh fruits.